Arta String Quartet

Ts & Cs

Daniel Paterson (as Arta Quartet) – Terms and Conditions

  1. For this booking Daniel Paterson (as Arta Quartet) acts as an agent in providing freelance players (himself excluded) to perform at this event.
  2. If he personally performs at this event, Daniel Paterson (as Arta Quartet) acts directly as a supplier for his services.
  3. The fees as quoted by email for this booking comprise the administration fee paid to Daniel Paterson, player fees and travel costs paid to individual players.
  4. The client remains responsible for the payment of freelance players (excluding Daniel Paterson) but authorises Daniel Paterson (as Arta Quartet) to forward these payments to the players on their behalf.
  5. The booking is secure when Daniel Paterson (as Arta Quartet) receives this completed form and payment of the £100 deposit by bank transfer. Confirmation will be made through e-mail. This agreement reflects the fees as agreed via e-mail between the client and Daniel Paterson.
  6. Cancellation of this booking will incur the following cancellation fees:
    • More than 90 days prior to engagement-  loss of deposit
    • 89 days to 31 days prior to engagement date – loss of deposit PLUS 75% of agreed fee less travel expenses
    • 30 days or less prior to engagement date – loss of deposit PLUS 100% of agreed fee including travel expenses (pre-booked trains/flights/ transfers and similar)  Cancellation fees must be paid within 7 days of the cancellation.
  7. In the event of the players of the group being unable to attend an event on a contracted day, due to unforeseen circumstances out-with their control, such as road closure, road accidents, flight cancellations, serious illness, the group will exhaust all resources to ensure a performance goes ahead, be this a suitable replacement group or a later performance in the agreed time frame. Any refund granted will be at the discretion of Daniel Paterson (as Arta Quartet).
  8. The players will not perform until full payment has been made.
  9. For domestic performances (UK), the full balance must be paid at least 1 month prior to the event date by bank transfer.
  10. For foreign appearances 50% of the remaining balance can be accepted on the day of the event in cash, provided the other 50% has been transferred prior.
  11. Petrol expenses are charged at a rate which is below the recommended Musician’s Union rate. The travel expenses will be advised to the client and should be included in the remaining balance payment. If the wedding ceremony and reception are in Glasgow city centre, the group may waive these travel expenses.
  12. The players of the group will only play outside if suitable cover is provided (either a canopy, marquee or similar). Direct sunlight and rain can do serious damage to the varnish on old string instruments. If cover is insufficient and it rains, the group will be forced to relocate immediately even during the ceremony and/or halfway through a song/piece.
  13. The players of the group will take short breaks, approx. 5-10 minutes for every hour, throughout their time at the event. Every effort will be made to not interrupt the flow of the event. Refreshments should be supplied if possible.
  14. Timing is calculated from the moment the ensemble begins playing. Additionally, any time spent travelling between the ceremony and reception venue is included as part of the agreed booking time.
  15. Although the players of the group try to be sympathetic if an event runs late, they reserve the right to leave at the scheduled time and receive the agreed fee for the event.
  16. The players  do not carry their entire repertoire collection with them. This means that  spontaneous requests on the day itself may not be possible.
  17. Any special music requests should be made and confirmed up to 1 month prior to the event. This includes confirming hymns and any collaborative song/pieces (with other performers). Late requests may not be possible to organise in time.
  18. During your reception, the number of guests and the location of the group may affect their audibility. This is more likely with a string trio. The group is acoustic with no synthetic amplification and the sound carries best in rooms where there is some form of natural acoustic (with high ceilings and harder furnishings – less sofas and carpets). However, this is normally not an issue especially if the playlist is up-beat pop.