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How much do you charge?

This depends on the size of group, how long you would like us to play and how far we need to travel. Please complete the online form in the ‘contact’ section and click ‘send enquiry’ to have a customised quote sent to you. We require a date and venue to provide a quote.

Do I pay for booking length or performance time?

Your booking time is calculated by booking length, not performance time. Bookings are continuous from when the group first start to play or ceremony/reception start time - whichever is earlier. 

We pay our players by the half hour (for the full time they are at an event, excluding the 30 minute setup time). This is industry standard practice and produces the fairest working conditions.

This is worth considering if you are using different venues for a wedding ceremony and reception as travel between two venues is part of the booking length.

In order to be fair to both clients and players, we don't accept bookings involving two venues that are more than 30 minutes apart or  bookings over dinner (also for various other reasons).

The booking start time for a ceremony is 20 minutes before for guests arriving or ceremony start time - whichever is earlier.  Our minimum booking length is 1 hour (covering pre-ceremony and a short ceremony). Our maximum length is 3 hours. You can choose 1.5 hours, 2 hours or 2.5 hours if you prefer.

How do I book you?

After receiving a quote just let us know by email if you wish to go ahead and we will provide a link to the booking form. Simply complete the form, tick the two check boxes agreeing to our terms and our outside policy, and click submit. You will then receive details of how to pay a non-returnable deposit of £100 by bank transfer to secure your booking.

Do you issue a contract?

We prefer to have paperless transactions. As part of our online booking form, our terms and conditions are available for you to read. The check boxes accepting the terms and conditions and outside conditions must be ticked to allow your booking to come through to us. This constitutes our digital contract with you.

How will we discuss all the details after I book?

We are available through email to discuss any details with you. We prefer to do it this way so that we have a clear record of what is required. This can include timings, song choices and plan changes.

Are you willing to play outside?

Sunlight, rain and temperature can do serious, permanent damage to instruments, much like antique furniture (wood cracks and splits, internal wood rot, varnish damage etc). 

With this in mind, the group will only play outside between the months of June and September, in temperatures no less than 16°C and only if suitable cover is provided (either a canopy, marquee, and possibly large shady trees etc).

This is the minimum temperature (16°C) specified by the Musicians' Union and is partly due to the risk of wood cracks appearing in the antique instruments. If cover is insufficient (particularly trees) and it rains, the group will be forced to relocate immediately even during the ceremony and/or halfway through a song.

Also in the vast majority of cases, acoustic groups sound better inside. This is because there is no natural acoustic to work with outside so the sound doesn’t project as well or sound as full. Due to this we recommend booking the quartet (over the trio) if at any point you wish the musicians to play outside (conditions met and agreed).

Our event is in a remote location. Will you travel?

Due to high demand (especially in peak summer season) we don’t normally take bookings further than a 1.5 hour drive (one way) from Glasgow.

When will you arrive?

We will arrive at least 20 minutes before we start playing (normally 30 minutes). 

How long does it take for you to set up?

Normally it takes us less than 5 minutes!

What do you wear when you’re playing?

Normally we wear all black, or black bottoms/white top. However if you would like us to dress with more colour then do let us know!

String Trio vs String Quartet?

A trio is simply 3 players (2 violins and cello or 1 violin, 1 viola and 1 cello) instead of 4 players (2 violins, 1 viola and 1 cello). This means the sound is slightly quieter and less full-sounding. This is a very good choice for keeping costs down. It’s also perfect for smaller venues where there is less space. If you are eager to book a trio, bear in mind our comments about playing outside.

Is there any type of music that doesn’t work with strings?

String arrangements work for the majority of genres of music - pop, film themes, musicals, folk, classical, jazz, rock, latin etc.. Some genres such as metal, rap and punk are trickier (and in some cases impossible) to arrange well for strings but we will discuss this with you if needed.

Do you play all types of music?

We specialise in performing pop covers but we also play film themes, musicals, folk, jazz, classical etc.  Please see our extensive songlists for more details.

There’s a song I want you to play that’s not on your repertoire list. Can you still play it?

We may arrange one piece of music for you that isn’t on our songlist if we agree that it works for strings. There can be a small arranging fee, but normally this is free!

Additional arrangements (maximum of 2) will incur a fee of £40 each.  All arrangements are subject to requests being made at least 6 weeks before the date to enable us to deal with them and dependent on our workload.

Do you accompany singers or collaborate with other musicians?

Despite having worked with singers in the past, we no longer collaborate with any other musicians.

Although in the past these were well received, we feel that we cannot guarantee the effectiveness as each case is different and there are just too many variables involved.

It's also not actually what we (or the other musician) specialise in providing at weddings.

In the vast majority of cases we recommend having a soloist or a singer using their own backing track (especially if they're only performing during your Signing for example) and/or have them perform during your dinner (which we don't play at).

Do you play hymns?

We have a collection of popular hymns. We typically provide a short 4-bar introduction to each hymn. This is particularly useful if your guests will be singing, as it shows them clearly when to start.

I’ve booked an organist to play in the ceremony, will this work with strings?

You decide whether to use the organist or us to accompany hymns. It’s common for the quartet to play for the bridal entrance and signing of the register, and then have the organist playing for your hymns and exit. This can create a good variety of music and atmosphere in your ceremony. Organists are normally hired for religious ceremonies only.

I’ve booked a piper, how will that work?

We work alongside pipers regularly. Typically, the piper pipes the guests from their transport to the door of the venue

If the pipes can be heard from inside the ceremony venue, we will take over from the piper roughly 15-20 minutes prior to the bridal entrance.

If the piper cannot be heard inside then we will play simultaneously, so that your guests are not sitting in silence.

Normally we would play for your Entrance and Signing into the venue and the piper could play for your exit.

Do you play during the meal?

We only provide music for pre-ceremony, ceremony and drinks receptions prior to any meal. Our repertoire is focussed on this. We don’t accept a booking which runs over the meal time.